Pool water treatment up to 240m3.

Model: UBO 480C

Swimming pool disinfection capacity 50,000 liters / hour

Ozone and ultraviolet rays do not affect the pH of the water, unlike other chemicals commonly used in swimming pool water purification.

Frame fixing.
Automatic programming setting.
  • For pool / spa up to 240m3
  • For filtration pump flow 30m3 / h
  • Weight 80 kg
  • 304L stainless steel
  • 2 UV-C 105W lamp
  • 4 Ozone lamps 80W
  • Contact chamber – yes “Large”
  • Injection pump for the flocculent / coagulent product (or other) – yes
  • Ozone production – 4-8 g / h
  • Inlet / outlet diameter 2.5 inches (DN65)
  • Height 104cm x Length 100cm x Width 60cm

Pool disinfection capacity 50,000 liters / hour

The purification of water with ozone and ultraviolet light is effective: bacteria, viruses and other algae are not resistant to it.
Better still, it stands out for its environmental performance.
It has particular advantages over chlorine because it does not induce the formation of “chloramine” toxins in the water.
Thus, unlike traditional chemicals such as chlorine and bromine, the ozone produced by the Ultra-Bio-Ozone® system is not irritating to the skin, eyes or hair. The system destroys the ozone dissolved in the water before it is released into the basin.