Water Treatment Systems Solution

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Small flow 600 l / h


Low flow 1’500 l / h


Small flow 3,000 l / h


Medium flow

High Flow

High throughput pre-treatment

We are experts in water quality management. Over 20 years of experience, we adopt our own combination of R&D with extensive and deep expertise in water knowledge to invent various devices for the most reliable water system in all kinds of commercial applications.

  • Water dispensers, water kiosk and water store;
  • UV sterilizer; Ozone sterilizer;
  • Mobile water plant;
  • Reverse osmosis systems;
  • RO water distributors;
  • Commercial, industrial and brackish water purification systems.

Our technological advantage provides creative and innovative solutions corresponding to any need for the highest quality of product design and production efficiency.

Choose the model suitable for your application.

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