Unbeatable price-quality ratio!
Disinfection capacity of 13m3/h – 110m3/h (30 millijoules/cm2)

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Ozone Generator 1 lamp

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Ozone Generator – 3 lamp

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Ozone Generator – 6 lamp

They are equipped with electronic ballasts to extend the life of the lamps. A fan cooling system is added on models with at least 2 lamps. Glossy polished interior allows for optimal UV-C reflection, giving greater germicidal power to lamps.

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Ces ozonateurs UV-C sont conçus pour traiter totalement l’eau de nos maisons, hôtels, restaurants, fermes, piscicultures, piscines, spas, étangs, eaux de pluie récupérées. Ils procurent non seulement la meilleure désinfection possible sans recourir aux produits chimiques, mais aussi de la meilleure prévention possible contre les virus, bactéries ou autres agents pathogènes.

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UV-C ozone generator.

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The combined action of the UV-C lamp and ozone eliminates 99.99% of viruses, parasites, pathogenic bacteria, mold, algae, fungi, etc.
UV-C lamps oxidize and break down chlorine byproducts such as chloramines and other organic pollutants.
Economical: the cost is only the electricity consumed by the lamp and the ballast, for hundreds of m3 of purified water.
The lamp must be replaced every 10 000 hours, ie after 1 year to 5 years, depending on use.
No physicochemical modification of the water, since ozone (O3) becomes oxygen (O2) after 15 minutes.
UV-C Ozonator has no effect on pH.
Virucidal action among the most effective.
Easy installation and minimal maintenance.
All units are pre-tested at the factory and delivered with simple instructions for installation.

Installation example for pool/outdoor spa

Installation example for pool/indoor spa

With this assembly, the ozone is injected upstream of the sand filter and thus has a sufficiently long action time before passing into the UV-C ozone generator chamber. There, the effect of UV-C lamps will neutralize it. The water returned to the pool or spa will be thoroughly disinfected.

How to choose your UV-C sterilizer.

Two essential factors determine the effectiveness of sterilization by UV-C radiation: the dose and the duration of the irradiation necessary for the destruction of living microorganisms.

The choice of the sterilizer will depend on the flow of water to be treated, the power of the pump, as well as the final use of the treated water.

Example 1: 30 mJ/cm 2 (UV-C dose). Adequate capacity against algae and bacteria in a pool or spa.

Example 2: 90 mJ/cm 2 (UV-C dose). Adequate capacity against protozoa, giardia, cryptosporidium, algae, and bacteria if water is heavily soiled at the origin or intended for human consumption at the end of treatment.

Attention: to choose the correct UV-C Ozonator, please refer to the table above, which shows the respective flows of each model.

If you opt for an irradiation dose of 90 mJ/cm2, you will benefit from a disinfection approximately 3.5 times more powerful than the French standard set for drinking water at 25 mJ/cm2, or 2.2 times stronger that the Swiss standard of 40 mJ / cm2.

So the degree of initial contamination and the final destination of the water to be treated will determine your choice.

An undersized device and therefore unable to treat the volume of water required is most often at the origin of the disappointment of the most virulent critics of the UV-C process, quick to decree its inefficiency … This defect frequently affects spas ” first prize “equipped with undersized Ozonators.

Our Ozonators use two equally effective methods to transform oxygen into ozone: “the Corona effect” or “the UV lamp”.

It should be known that the elements used are in both cases subject to wear.

Corona effect: it requires a dry air and the lifetime of the electrodes depends on the quality of the components.

UV-C lamp: between 8000 and 12000 hours depending on use.

System sizing :

The contact form allows you to formulate a specific request. We will be able to advise you the model best suited to your needs.

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