A few seconds are enough to easily adapt it to the spout of the tap, without tools or electrical outlet.

Keep healthy and fresh foods

Optimum efficiency for washing fish, meat, vegetables and fruits *.
Ozone removes pesticide residues and toxic chemicals.

Compact Ozone Generator

  • An electric shock, the Corona effect, produces ozone gas from oxygen in the air. This ozone is then mixed in the water.

  • “OzMagic “is able to produce up to 120 mg per hour depending on the pressure of the water network.

  • With a water system pressure of 1.5 to 4.0 bar, the ozone concentration in the water varies from 0.1 to 0.3 mg/l

  1. Ecological
  2. Economic
  3. Without tools or electricity
  4. Eliminates pathogenic bacteria and viruses
  5. For washing hands
  6. For washing fruits, vegetables, fish,
  7. Disinfectant bowl, litter of cats and dogs

127,00 Euros*

Compact Ozone GeneratorSpecification & Application

Model : AW1000

Ozone production70 mg/h  
Electric generatorDynamoWeight310 g
Output powerMax 3.0 WattDimensionW100x L126x H73
Water pressure range1,5–4,0 BarMain subjectsABS

Kitchens for individuals, schools, hospitals, restaurants, boats, campers. Disinfectant bowls litters cats and dogs.

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