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A whole range for the disinfection of water


Small & Medium Flow


Medium and High Flow


Pyramid Air Protect

Pyramid Air Protect


Ozone Purification air and surfaces

Treatment of spas and Nordic baths

UV-C ozone generator

A ready-to-install assembly mounted on pipes corresponding to the inlet-outlet diameters of the UV-C Ozonator.

It comes with a bypass valve and a pressure gauge for its regulation, the venturi injector or injectors according to the models, the static mixer for a good mixture of ozone in the water and the washable filter.

UV-C water sterilizer

With this method of treatment, the water of our houses, hotels, restaurants, farms, fish farms, swimming pools, spas, ponds, recovered rainwater, not only benefits from the best disinfection possible without resorting to chemicals, but also the best possible prevention against viruses, bacteria or other pathogens.


Since the beginning of the 20th century, the ozone has been used in water purification plants all over the world because it is an alternative 2.5 times more effective than chlorine. Its antiseptic performance is superior and requires a shorter contact time. Ozone removes bacteria three thousand times faster than chlorine. Although both belong to the family of oxidants, their mode of action differs. While ozone kills the bacteria by breaking the cell membrane; the chlorine must be introduced through the cell wall of the bacterium and then diffuse into the cytoplasm. The success of this process largely depends on the contact time. With ozone, water no longer suffers from persistent odors of chlorine and rotten eggs or metal tastes.


The ozone molecule is composed of three oxygen atoms (3xO2 = O3). Its oxidation power destroys all bacteria and viruses, including nano-viruses, as well as spores, fungi and many other pollutants. If its concentration does not exceed a certain level, ozone is not toxic. It returns to its original form, oxygen (O2), in a very short time. Its use therefore does not leave residues unlike chlorine-based disinfectants and other common agents. The food industry thus makes extensive use of ozone.


If everyone knows that cleanliness is a factor of good health, we often forget that a simple washing of hands is enough to prevent many diseases. While effective, soaps cannot compete with ozonated water that kills bacteria and viruses on the surface of the hands as shown in the images below:

Beyond simple hygiene, ozonated water has therapeutic virtues that allow for example to erase some pimples on the face. It is used in medical treatments such as ozone-therapy. The Parisian hospitals Beaujon and Bichat were pioneers in this field.

Keep foods fresh

The best result for washing fish, meats, vegetables and fruits – ozone removes pesticide residues and toxic chemicals.

A wash with ozonated water preserves the freshness of vegetables.


 Washing with ozonated water prevents leaves from fading.

With ozonated water, you can keep flowers longer.

By using ozone to disinfect fruits and vegetables, no chemical residue is left behind after rinsing.


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