Automatic drinking water dispensers to equip stocks, camping, shopping centers or to create a water distribution network.

Automatic drinking water dispensers

An unbeatable price quality

Unbeatable value for money

We are able to design and produce completely customized dispensers according to your specifications.
We offer innovative solutions in the form and color of the fairing or the electronic management card, etc.

We can also provide machine bodies without a treatment device to sell for example mineral water or spring water.

They are simply equipped with a payment and distribution system and tanks of different capacities, from 500 liters.

Who are we?

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Automatic drinking water dispensers
Automatic drinking water dispensers


  • Standard model: fiberglass, white
  • Special model: Stainless steel, quality 304

Customized according to customer needs.



Automatic drinking water dispensers

  1. Stainless steel filter 100/150 microns,
  2. Sediment filter 30 microns,
  3. Active carbon filter 10 microns
  4. Sediment filter 5 microns
  • Main treatment :
  • Reverse osmosis system
    Standard model with reverse osmosis membrane, rejection 40/60%.
    Special model with Nano rejection membrane 40/60%.
  • A possibility of treatment without water discharge.
  • Post-filtration :
  1. Active carbon filter 5 microns
  2. Sterilizer UV; UV Intensity 1m: 53μW / cm² / sec.
  • Flow rate of 15 liters / minute
  • Standard model: coin mechanism.
  • Options: bills acceptor, chip card payment system, multi-coin mechanism, MDB dispenser controller, MDB, coin mechanism to refund the overpayment.
  • A possibility of declining several tariffs for the sale of water

Additional options :

Automatic drinking water dispensers

  • Rinsing and sterilizing bottles with ozone
  • Distribution nozzle protected by a UV / ozone system to prevent contamination
  • GSM / SMS: alert system that controls vending machines through mobile phones or computers.
  • LCD television, slideshow to display advertising
  • Offer the sale of mineral water, alkaline water or flavored water.

Direct access to the site of our factory based in Thailand

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