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Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis for small flow High quality, clean, 100% safe drinking water purifiers.

The high-performance water purifier with reverse osmosis water filtration system (also known as RO system) is the most purified water filtration system in the world (RO membrane. Has filtration resolution up to 0.0001 microns). Can remove impurities in water, including 99.99% of germs. The principle of reverse osmosis is to filter out impurities as well as various pathogens. Which is greater than the porosity of the membrane so that it cannot penetrate.

Suitable for those who want to use reverse osmosis water in small and extended families. With tap water or ground or brackish water and suitable for industrial installations using ground water or other sources or water used in the food industry. In addition, we can also customize the backward osmosis water purifier system to have the capacity of all sizes as desired. Let us know your needs.

Revers osmosis for small flow

Instant flow: 60 liters / hour

Inlet / outlet: 1/2″ NPT female.

  • Voltage: 220VAC; 50hz
  • Consumption: 140Watts (max.)
  • Water discharge: 50-50%
  • Feedwater requirements: 5 liters/minute at 1bar
  • 1x 25-micron sediment filter, “2.5 x 20” cartridge.
  • 1x 5-micron activated carbon block filter, “2.5 x 20” cartridge.
  • 1x 1-micron sediment filter, “2.5 x 20” cartridge.
  • Booster pump booster, 24VDC; 6A
  • Low-pressure switch
  • 3x TFC R.O membranes, 2.5 ” x 12″
  • A water supply solenoid valve, 24VDC
  • A flushing solenoid valve, 24VDC
  • A concentrate valve
  • A recycling valve
  • Water pressure gauges
  • 24 VDC power supply
  • Painted steel structure.
  • Dimensions 81 x 45 x 21 cm.
Reverse osmosis

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